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Title: Untitled
Rating: R
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz [Koyasu Takehito & Project WeiB and Tsuchiya Kyoko]
Pairing: Naoe Nagi x Tomoe Sakura
Notes: I'm really bad with, adult scenes. 

Her brown hair, matted with blood. That once beautiful hair like silk to the touch, was now sticky...encrusted with that crimson stain. Her purple eyes were wide and filled with terror.

Her clothes were ripped...I have to admit, the girl never gave up.

But the room smelled of blood. Strangely though, when combined with her strawberry was very pleasing.

I watched her, fascinated with the way she looked right now.

Wounded. But beautiful.

Kneeling down, I gently kissed the corner of her mouth and tasted blood. "Are you hurt?" I asked, concerned. I stroked her hair comfortingly.

She looked up at me, speechless.

"My poor Sakura." I sat down beside her and drew her closer to me. She stiffened. "Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything to you."

Her silence frightened me.

Reluctantly, I let go of her, and she leaned tiredly against the wall. But I still grasped her hand, and she cringed. Lifting up her wrist for a closer look, I started to caress the gashes that the ropes made. But she pulled her hand back and tried to move away.

"I'm not going to hurt you---"

She looked at me with hatred in her eyes. "Don't touch me."

"You stupid girl. No one's going to rescue you."

She didn't reply.

I pulled her closer and my forehead touched hers. "You'd better listen to me, and I won't repeat it again. You know what? Your dear Aya-san will not save you."

"You're lying." She whispered hoarsely.

"I'm not." I smirked.

My lips touched hers. Then it traveled around her cheeks and over the cuts on her face. She winced again. Looking closely at her, I noticed her torn clothing and her shivering form.

"Are you cold?" I murmured against her neck. And then, on impulse, I bit the lobe of her ear playfully. "I'm not going to hurt you, Sakura."

A soft yawn escaped her lips. She blushed

I chuckled. "You're tired, aren't you, Sakura-chan?" I placed my arm around her, nestling her head on my shoulder. I inhaled the sweet scent of her hair...blood and strawberries.

She suddenly pushed me away. "Don't come near me!"

I sneered. "Fine. You want me not to touch you? But I can't help it." I grabbed her shoulders. "You're beautiful."


"I like you a lot."

"You...what? I...I---"

"Sh." I brushed my fingers over her lips to keep her quiet. "Don't speak."

"But Aya-san---"

I felt a strange yet familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jealousy? No. It's impossible. Why should I be jealous of that bastard? "I told you." I hissed impatiently. "You think Fujimiya and his kittens are going to take you away from here?"

"He is---"

"He's not. You're not a princess in some fairy tale. There is no Prince Charming who's going to save you from the evil sorcerer."

Her eyes were wide with fright but that didn't unfaze me in any way. "He will come. You'll see."

"No, he won't. So shut up already..." I ran my hand down her arm teasingly. "And kiss me."


I pushed her down to the cold floor, grinning wickedly. "What did you say?"

She squirmed.

"You're not getting away from me, Sakura-chan."


"Nice try." I murmured. "I like you so much... Why don't you just enjoy every minute of it? I'm sure your Aya-san won't mind." I nibbled on her neck gently, inhaling her scent. My hand grasped hers firmly, while the other traveled up her leg and stroked her thigh slowly. As I started to kissed her, she once more struggled against me, but that only excited my blood. Feeling rather bold, I licked her lips and to my delight, she moaned softly. I unzipped her skirt and pulled it away, then impatiently ripped her blouse off.

The door was shut slowly.

A breeze crept in through the window at my room, but I ignored it. The girl in my arms, however, snuggled closer to me unconsciously.

I looked at her fondly, brushing a few stray strands of her hair away from her forehead. She trembled, and I drew the blanket closer to our bodies. I studied her pale form - from her unruly hair, then down to the bruises on her wrists and arms. The moonlight entered in, revealing the traces of dried blood and tears on her cheeks.

The look on her face was agonizing. Exhaustion, misery, defeat, desperation, terror...

And shame.

I kissed the tears that started to fall from her closed eyes. "And how the angels weep."
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