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Title: Save the Last Dance
Rating: PG
Notes: Martin Mystery; slight Martin Mystery/Diana Lombard; Diana POV. (Because it says in the law that stepsiblings can marry. So there.)



"Get up and dance!"

I smiled faintly, and shook my head. "No thanks, Martin. I'm not in the mood."

Martin raised a brow. "Is this because of Marvin? Do you want me to drag him off Jenny and force him to dance with you?"

I wish he'd get a hint. I was so tired of pretending I'm feeling something - like being depressed over Marvin - when in fact it was a total lie.

I just kept my mouth shut though, and then I looked away. I tried to blink back the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes.

Luckily, my idiot of a stepbrother didn't notice. He sighed in frustration and left me sitting alone in the corner where he previously found me.

I sighed, remembering the morning before the dance.

As cliché as it may sound, it was really a beautiful morning at Torrington Academy that day. Aside from the usual chattering from the students, the birds were chirping gaily and the sky looked bluer than usual.

It was a perfect start.

The dance floor was crowded with couples. I noticed Java by the food stand stuffing himself as usual. Marvin and Jenny were dancing in the middle, along with a couple of kids I know. But strangely enough, I couldn't see Martin anywhere.

The idiot was probably flirting with some girl.

Well, at least my stepbrother was having fun.

"No mission today?"

The dark-haired older woman smiled at us enigmatically. "Yes, Agent Lombard. No mission."

Beside me, Martin groaned. "Then why did you call us here?"

"I want you to enjoy the dance tonight, agents. And that is your mission."

Somehow, the sight of people enjoying themselves choked me. Call me a party pooper, but I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my handbag and decided to hightail it out of the dance floor.

I felt cold. I was cold because of the chilly breeze outside and the misery I felt inside. The tears that I held back before now streamed down my cheeks.

Why doesn't he understand? And why does he have to be a stupid jerk right now...of all times?

"Who's being a stupid jerk, Di?"

I stopped, startled. I quickly whirled around and yanked my wrist away from the hand that gripped it. "What?"

"I asked you a question, Di. Who's being a stupid jerk?"

"Why do you care?"

"I was just asking." Martin shrugged, running his hand through his tousled blond hair. He stepped forward just as I stepped back. "You're...crying."

"Am not!"

"Are too!" He snickered. "Oh, I know. You're crying because your precious Marvin was dancing with another girl...your best friend!"

"Think whatever you want, Martin. I'm going home." I replied quietly.

"Look, is there something wrong? You've been acting so weird lately. Is it because of---"

"No." I certainly knew what he was going to say next. "It's not about Marvin."

"Who mentioned him? I was going to ask if it was because of MOM, or Java...or..."

You... I finished wearily inside my head.

I was growing tired of our conversation that wouldn't arrive somewhere. "Listen Martin, I'll go home now. I've got stuff to do, and it's going to be a long day tomorrow."

"It's me, isn't it?" Martin reluctantly dropped his hold on my wrist and stuffed his hands inside the pockets of his coat. "I'm sorry for being such a jerk, Diana."

"I guess." And then I couldn't control myself anymore. "Martin?"


"Take good care of yourself. I won't be around to look after you anymore."

"I know."


Martin nodded, his face unusually solemn. "Billy told me."

"I see."

"Well." His voice sounded cheerful. "It's getting late...tomorrow's your flight, right?"

I nodded faintly and stared at my shoes. I was biting my lip hard to stop myself from crying again.

Marvin was wrong. Martin didn't obviously care that we would be separated from now on, and I don't know if I could go back.

"You really should tell Martin, Diana." Marvin said, his face concerned.

"Why should I? It's not like he'd care. He never cares."

"You're wrong. He does care."

I laughed. "Sure. Whatever."

"You know, I hate to admit it, but there is a close bond between the two of you. That's why you should tell him you're leaving."

"Maybe." I frowned, recalling happy childhood memories. "We always did stuff together. Sure, we fight most of the time, but we never stayed apart from each other."



"Are you going to the dance tonight?"

"I don't know."

"Well..." Marvin grinned shyly. "I was wondering if we could go together?"

I opened my mouth to say yes, but something suddenly stopped me and I shook my head instead. "I'm sorry, Marvin. I have something to do. Maybe you can go with Jenny."

"You should go back to the dance, Martin." I said, still staring down hard at my shoes. "MOM said that you have to enjoy yourself."

"Diana, MOM said 'we'. That means Java, me"

"I handed in my resignation, right? So I'm not included in the mission anymore."

There was really nothing to say afterwards, and so the two of us became silent.

I gazed carefully around, trying to memorize every inch of the school grounds and the places where Martin and I usually hang out.

I was going to miss everything. I was going to miss everyone...Mom and Dad, Billy, MOM, Java, Jenny, Marvin...


"Yes, Martin?" I looked up at him and gazed deeply into his eyes. I tried to imprint his face in my memory...his boyish and confident grin, his unruly golden hair, his mischievous eyes...

"Would you give me the honor of dancing with you?"

The stars do twinkle like diamonds against the canopy of the dark sky. The melody of the night accompanied us as we slowly danced on the dew-covered ground, with my head on his shoulder and his arms encircled around me tightly.

It was the perfect end.
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