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Title: Screens
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Stars [Takeuchi Naoko]
Pairing: Kou Seiya x Tsukino Usagi
Notes: Let's pretend that Mamoru got to the US safely, and he's dropping by to visit his Moon Princess.

I looked at the dress with a critical eye. Inside, my conscience debated with reason.

"So...what do you think?" A pair of sky blue eyes met mine anxiously.

I decided to be honest. "I hate to say this, but..."


"Does orange and stripes suit you?"

She grabbed the outfit from my hands and stuffed it back in the shopping bag angrily. "At least it's not animal print."

My poor Odango. I knew her feet ached from walking around Juuban's shopping district.

"Don't worry. He'll like it."

"You said it was awful."

I shrugged. "Well, maybe I didn't know any better."

"You said my dress was bad."

"I didn't say that. I asked you if an orange dress with stripes would look good on you."


I adjusted my sunglasses to avoid the harsh glare of the sun as I looked up at the sky. It was bright blue, just like her eyes.

Today was the day Chiba Mamoru will drop by, so she had to look her best. But her friends had other things to do than to help her out.

It's good that I happen to pass by. I didn't offer to help though, thinking that she had good taste. I didn't know that she was ignorant---nay, naive when choosing clothes. She said she only picked out that particular dress because she it was the only one that looked like Princess Serenity's...whatever that means.

Her sobs broke my musings. "What's wrong?"

Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she looked at me. "I feel so stupid."


"Every time I try to do something right...I always end up failing. I do my best…but it’s not enough…”

Deja vu. We had this conversation before.

I mentally cursed myself, feeling very guilty for my harsh criticism. "Odango, I'm sorry---"

"It's not that." She sniffed. "I wonder if Mamoru or my friends like me the way I am, because I’m clumsy, I eat a lot, I’m stupid---"

"That's not true!"

"How about you, Seiya? Do you like me?"

If I answer her truthfully, I would endanger our mission and myself. I patted her shoulder instead. "Don't ask ridiculous questions."

"Do you? Or don’t you?"

Do you really want to know, my dearest Odango?

I gave her a faint nod in reply.

She smiled at me gratefully. "Thank you."

I grinned back.

Just this once...I'll look at you with the love that I feel for you.

Good thing my sunglasses were dark.

Maybe someday, I'll tell her.

But for now, she didn't have to know.


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