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 In a land not so far away, there ruled a King whose name was revered by all his subjects, and his praises being sung everyday by his people. 

Hearing "Usami-sama!" from both men and women would be considered normal, since Usami Akihiko was King - the most wanted, most lusted after host in the club. There was no one who could defeat that suave and sophisticated manner, that cool, mysterious reserve, and the trademark Usami smirk that not only launched a thousand ships, but sunk them in the deepest part of the ocean as well. And with these, he made millions of yen as easily as with a snap of the fingers.

But with the power, wealth and success our King enjoyed, something was missing. A secret wish went hidden and unfulfilled inside his heart for many years.

Takahashi Takahiro, the man of Akihiko's waking dreams and sometimes nightmares. The serious, intelligent high school classmate with the calm demeanor and a gentle heart but with a denseness which no one can match. And everyday, every passing moment...for so many years, Akihiko hid his love under the cloak of friendship, and he could only shout out his true feelings during the nights when he was alone, and when no one can hear the painful sighs and grunts and a miserable gasp calling out his dearest friend's name. 

And so, the King waited and waited, until he began to give up hope and eventually felt his heart sinking and growing heavier and heavier. Until the stars took pity on him, and a red thread was tied around another soul who was as lonely as he is.

"Looks scrawny and thin, doesn't he? You think a brat can handle a classy establishment such as ours?"

"He's not going to be a host, Isaka." Akihiko drawled, exhaling cigarette smoke. "He's going to be a dishwasher, for crying out loud."

"Still...I'm not so sure. Why hire him?" Completely ignored, Isaki could only watch as Akihiko stood up and walked away. "Hey, Akihiko!"

In the same kingdom where our lonely King lived, there also lived a young man who, as soon as he was born, was deemed to suffer in the clutches of poverty. Every single day, he trudged through life not knowing where his next meal will come, whether sleeping under a tree would shield him from the rain, and if some kind person can spare him a few rags for clothes. For you see, this young man was an orphan, and was left without nothing. 

And yet, the young man did not curse life as what others may have already done. Though poor, the young man owned the purest of hearts, and despite his own situation, he helped others who were the same - orphans even younger than him, abandoned babies, abandoned young mothers, old folks thrown out because of uselessness - and managed to keep a cheerful smile on his face, believing that one day his luck would change.

"Um, excuse me...are you still looking for someone to wash dishes here?"

"What's it to you, brat?"

Takahashi Misaki bristled at the insult, but managed to prevent himself from lashing out. 'For Niichan, for Niichan, for Niichan...' "I...I would like to apply for the position, sir."

"You?" Isaka cackled. His eyes traveled down from the teenager's wild brown hair, to his short and slender form, down to his sneaker-clad feet, taking note of the faded jeans and the frays on the T-shirt the boy was wearing. "Sorry, but I was actually taking down the sign today, since we already have---"

"Isaka. Leave."

"But I---"

"I'm so sorry, Usami-sama, we'll be going now."

And with an "Asahina! How dare you! I'll get you for this!" with the other man shouting expletives as he was being dragged away from the scene, peace resumed. Or so everyone thought.

Nothing could have prepared the King for this single, heart-pounding moment when he first lock gazes with the young man whose fate is tightly woven with his.


"Er, Takahashi Misaki."

"Takahashi...Misaki." Did he just imagine the subtle disbelief in the older man's voice?  

"And you're here to apply for the position of being our dishwasher?"

"Uh, yes sir."


WhyWhat kind of a stupid question is that? "Because...I need money." For Niichan, for Niichan, for Niichan... "Because my Niichan wants me to go to a good school." Misaki takes a deep breath. "Because I...I don't want to be a burden to Niichan anymore."


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