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Title: Solitude
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear [Naruse Kaori and Satou Junichi]
Pairing: Hayate x Himeno
Notes: This was my first Pretear oneshot, done out of boredom and heavily inspired by the Kinki Kids' song Solitude~Hontou no Sayonara - which, I may add, is a very depressing material for a male pop group like them.

There they go again. Giggling like idiots.

I never saw such a silly girl until I met Tulip Head's friend, Yayoi. That girl has the habit of bringing along with her some stupid romance novel, and endlessly sighing and sighing about some kissing scene or something.

And she's spreading her poison to her silly friend, Tulip Head.

At least she's not giggling anymore. She's...blushing? Her face is redder than her hair. I wonder what that Yayoi woman said to make her react like that.


Is she thinking about someone? A boy, perhaps?

Tch. Love. What a stupid thing. It would only cause a major headache. And Tulip Head should not be concentrating on some stupid fantasies but instead on how would she improve as the Pretear. We still have the entire world to save from the clutches of Saihi Fenrir.


"Hey Tulip Head!" I snickered as she passed me by the rose bush I was watering, again with that sour expression on her face, the one especially reserved for me.

"Argh! Hayate! Would you stop with that already?"

I laughed. "Not until you change your hairstyle."

"Hmph!" She fumed. Then she frowned thoughtfully. "Hey Hayate..."


"I...I kind of need to talk to you..." She whispered, and I swear I could see a faint red color on her cheeks. I nearly laughed aloud at the sight.

"Why are you blushing?" I grinned.

A sound and solid punch met my nose to be exact. Frankly, if I become uglier than a gargoyle, remind me to thank Awayuki.

"Itai." I rubbed my nose gently and glared at her. But I was more surprised at her reaction. Normally, she would punch me back or we would start a staring contest.

Himeno---er, Tulip Head looked...embarrassed. And she looked...extremely sorry?

"Sorry." She whispered and looked away.

Tulip Head...apologizing?

"Could we talk now?"

"I'm not convinced."


She's being polite to me? Now I'm beginning to suspect that something's wrong.

I shook my head. "I still have a million things to do around the mansion, Tulip Head."

"Fine! I'll just ask Goh or Kei!" She turned angrily away, but curiousity made me grab her hand to hold her back. "All right." I sighed. "Let's go somewhere private."

We sat on the grass, and as I glanced at her, she still has that thoughtful pout. Now to get to the root of the problem. I faced her.

"What is it?"

She hesitated. "Well...promise me you won't laugh."

"Why, is that too funny a secret?"


"You know, Tulip Head, everything's funny about you anyway, so---"

"Fine. Then I won't tell."

"All right, all right." I secretly crossed my fingers behind me. "Promise."

She looked at me suspiciously. Then she sighed. "Never mind. As if you're interested anyway."

"Then how come you wanted to speak to me urgently?" I retorted, annoyed at her for wasting my time.

She smiled at me, her eyes asking for an apology. "Oh fine. But promise you won't laugh."

I smirked. "I already promised, right? So do tell me your dark secret."

She sighed again and looked down. " would you feel if a girl confesses her feelings to you?"

My eyes grew wide at her words. A cold fear gripped me and I suddenly felt scared. So I hid my shock by grinning mischievously at her. "Are you going to confess your feelings for me now, Tulip Head? I'm shocked at your being so frank---"

A small fist suddenly made contact with my face---my nose to be exact. Inside I sighed. I rubbed my sore nose and smirked at her extremely annoyed expression. "I'm not confessing to you!"

"Then to whom?" I asked curiously.

"Promise you won't tell anyone? Not even the others?" She gazed at me shyly.

"Promise." I once again crossed my fingers behind me and cackled mentally. This is too good to be kept a secret...

"Oh, all right."

She sighed and looked away. "It's Sasame."

"It's Sasame who?"

"You know." She laughed nervously. "The person I like."

I stared at her dumbly. Would you mind repeating that again, Tulip Head?

"S-S-Sasame?" I blurted out loudly. I thought so. Why that sly little---

"SSH!" She covered my mouth hastily and looked fearfully around. I removed her hand away from her mouth. "You're so stupid! What if he hears you!?"

"Oh right, I forgot."

"Hmph. Right. It slipped your mind that he's the Knight of Sound, Hayate, for heaven's sake."

"Hm. Never mind about that."

Himeno looked at me pointedly. "Now you know. I swear, Hayate, if this little conversation of ours gets out, then you're going to be in deep trouble." She held up her fist and smiled viciously.

I sighed and wiped the sweat away from my face. "Fine, fine. No one would know, I already promised."

The sun felt warm on our faces. But I didn't feel suddenly hot because of that. For some weird reason, Tulip Head's confession made me feel disturbed.

"Uh...Hayate?" Her voice sounded uncertain.


"What do you think?"

"About what?"

"Hayate! I already told you!"

I chuckled at her annoyed tone. "Oh, sorry. I forgot."


"I don't know, Tulip Head. Sasame is a strange person, if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean."

We both grew silent. I started to feel the pangs of...sorrow? Why? Why should I feel sad at her confession? It's not like me to care.

She spoke up first. "Do you you think he'll like me back? He's so cool and sophisticated, and I'm---"

"Only a silly schoolgirl, yes, I know that."

"Hayate! I'm reaching a decision that would involve murder..."

"All right, all right..."

Himeno sighed sadly. "So...what do you think? What are the chances of him liking me back?"

I frowned slightly. "Frankly, Himeno, I wouldn't know. Sasame's...mysterious, and it's hard to see if he does feel the same for you."

She looked sad as I spoke, and for some strange reason, I felt depressed too. So I patted her shoulder gently in an attempt to cheer her up. "Don't give up, Tulip Head." Right...don't give up. So why the hell do I feel like gagging at my own words?

She raised a brow at me, and giggled. "I never knew you had it in you, Hayate."

"Had in me what?"

"You know. Being the perfect best friend. Not bad." She laughed. I frowned at her, but that only made her giggle harder. So I chuckled lightly instead.

"If Sasame rejects you, just call me and I'll hurt him bad for you." I snickered. We both laughed.

"Sure I will, Hayate. If I don't punch him first."

We sat there, a friendly silence between us. It was kind of like a truce between me and my Tulip Head.

Wait...MY Tulip Head? Since when did she became mine?

"Oh well." She stood up, and I followed. She smiled at me warmly.

I held my breath as she gazed at me, her eyes brimming with friendship and gratitude. "Himeno, I---"

"Thanks, Hayate." Then she turned and ran lightly back to the mansion.

I grinned, but at the same time I felt like I was falling down a cliff.

As I was left there standing and staring after her, I felt...jealous. Wait a, jealous? It's just Tulip Head and her silly feelings! But then I thought of Sasame. Tch. That bastard...he's very lucky to have Himeno falling for him.


I sighed angrily. Why am I thinking of her? Even the breeze was whispering her name!

Argh, that Himeno---wait a minute. Since when did I started calling her Himeno?

Why did I feel like we lost the fight to Saihi Fenrir when she told me I was only her perfect best friend?

And why the hell did I feel like I died a very painful death when she told me about her feelings for Sasame?

The wind gently danced around me and I smiled ruefully, shaking my head slightly at the realization.

I love her.

I love the girl who became our Princess Pretear. 

I love my Tulip Head.

And there was nothing I can do about it.
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