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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Pretear
Pairing: Hayate x Awayuki Himeno
Rating: R?
Word Count: 802
Notes: This was for the defunct Livejournal drabble_me's challenge line ["If that doesn't work, nothing will."].

"You maneuvered the blackout?"

"Well, sort of---"

"And you locked them together inside the empty closet?"

"That wasn't me! That was Mannen!"

"And you lost the key?"

"Okay, that was my fault, but I didn't---"

Mawata sighed. "What were you planning to do with those two, anyway? I think that was immature..."

"I'm sorry, Mawata. But it was getting frustrating!" Goh replied defensively. "We need to come up with a good plan to get those two together."

"And locking them together in a closet is the best plan you could ever come up?"

"If that doesn't work, nothing will." Mannen replied with a snicker.

"I hope nothing bad happens to Neechan..." Hajime frowned worriedly, and Shin nodded in agreement.

"Nothing bad will happen, trust me." Goh snapped. "You're such a baby, Hajime."

"Sometimes, I wonder who's being a baby and who's being an adult..." Mawata chuckled softly.

When I get my hands on those idiots...

Hayate tried not to scream out loud, despite the circumstances. Of all the things that would happen to him...he had to be locked in a closet! With Hime---Tulip Head! He would rather fight Saihi and the mayouchuu over and over again.

As soon as he got out, his very first action was to hang a certain Fire Knight's guts outside to dry.

Beside him, Himeno laughed softly. "It was a good prank."

Hayate huffed in response.

When I DO get my hands on those idiots...

How long has it been?

Hayate had no watch, and it was hard to find out how long had they been locked inside. He strained to hear outside noises, but strangely enough, everything was silent.

Everything...except for the soft snoring of the girl beside him.

And further more, she was sleeping with her head on his shoulder.

On the other hand, he would let Goh and Mannen live for a while.

After all, who wouldn't want to be locked with the girl of his dreams?

Now where did that thought come from?

He looked down at the sleeping girl beside him. She was very close; the scent of her strawberry shampoo clouded his nostrils. He closed his eyes, breathed in, and sighed in content.

Her arms went around his neck as they kissed hungrily. Then, she moaned out softly as his lips traveled down her face and bit the side of her neck softly. He smiled in satisfaction and went on to---

He woke up, dazed and shock at that...that scene. He shook his head furiously, trying to erase that heated memory out of his mind.

Admit it! You liked it! You don't want to just kiss her. You wanted to be alone with her - just like right now - and make your fantasies a reality...

Ever since he kissed her on that fateful day when he thought she was dead, he had always dreamt of kissing her again and again...this time while she was awake and conscious of what he was and would be doing. He desired her, that was the awful truth that he realized as of late, but his armor of cynicism prevented him to do something.

He knew that everyone in the mansion knew of his feelings for Himeno, except for Himeno herself. He was oblivious to his own feelings before, but after he was "interrogated" by a group of frustrated and impatient Knights, he was forced to acknowledge them himself. And the recent "accident" was part of his fellow Knights' plan to bring them closer...and for him to confess to the Pretear the depth of his affections for her.

He loved Himeno...he didn't know when and how, but he loved her.

And he was damned if he would let a golden opportunity such as this pass him by. An angry Himeno or not, he decided to wake her up.

"Himeno." He nudged the slumbering girl gently.

But there was no response. The girl continued sleeping.

Hayate was not as calm and even-tempered as the others believed, and he was suddenly growing impatient. By hook or by crook, he had to wake the girl up!

A sly smirk crossed his face as a brilliant idea hit him.

He kissed her.

And it was then that Himeno woke up with wide eyes.

"What happened to you?" Mawata asked her older stepsister worriedly.

Himeno's face was red, and her clothes were slightly disheveled. She was biting her lip and kept on blinking.

Hayate, on the other hand...

"Good night, everybody." Himeno said primly. As she ascended the wide stairs, Mawata swore she saw a strange smile on the older girl's face.

Mannen was laughing hard. Hajime and Shin looked at everyone in confusion.

Goh grinned. "Will there be a next time, Hayate?"

A wicked smile appeared on Hayate's normally grim face. "Definitely."

Mawata could only sigh.


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