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Title: Make Believe
Fandom: Heart no Kuni no Alice (Quinrose)
Rating: PG to PG-13
Notes: I didn't know how this baby was born. All I know was I wanted to write something for a new fandom (for first post/celebration purposes), and then my fingers were typing like mad with the Alice quotes in my head.


Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? 

In this world, everyone will love you. Oh, they're not going to love you at first sight, but when you become close to them...

Peter White, that weird guy with floppy rabbit ears, never fails to profess his undying love and adoration for her whenever they meet. Not to mention that he was the person responsible for bringing her in this strange place.

Then Blood Dupre, the almost doppelganger of her one true love, who told her that he would never give her up for another, even if that another would seem more beautiful and better than she is. Not unlike the person he closely resembles... And yet when they meet, her heart breaks for an unknown reason.

Julius Monrey, the Timekeeper of this strange world, and the only one who has never declared anything, whether love or hatred for her. But when he looks at her, something in his eyes made her feel warm and shivering, and she felt rather than saw her ears turning red.

And Nightmare...who told her that everyone in this world, even him, will love her.

Everyone will love her. Only her.

And it was so easy to take the final step, to make a decision to live here forever and ever.

Only...if this world is simply a dream, then is their love for her real? Or was it simply a deception of the senses, a mere flight of fancy, an...illusion?

Would it be much better to live in this wonderful dream, this dream of being cherished, adored, and loved...forever and ever?

Or would she rather face reality, that grim reality where every single day her tears will fall, where her heart will break into a million pieces every time she sees her one true love and her perfect older sister hold each other's hands, and embrace, and kiss under the warm summer sunshine.

Inhale, exhale. With one single heartbeat, she decides.

I don't much care where...

Left foot forward, right foot next, left foot forward, right foot next...and she starts running to fill up the vial that would shatter this dream and bring her back home. long as I get somewhere.

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