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 Notes: I love Love Mode! I love Takamiya x Izumi! They're like Akihiko and Misaki of Junjou Romantica (another favorite) in a former lifetime. Love Mode is one of the BL works that converted me to the fujoshi way of life. This is something experimental for Livejournal's [ profile] stagesoflove community, which I am planning to submit something to.

The word is "attraction", true to it being the first stage of a romantic relationship. This short-but-exceeding-the-100-word-limit (and sometimes veering off from canon) work is part of a light, somewhat humorous, and hopefully successful submission I will be doing, like the Pretear thing. I will probably continue this (and stick to the 100 word rule) once I get immersed in Love Mode again.

Sakashita Izumi

Up until now, Izumi would deny that it was love at first sight.

All he knows is that he all but licked Konno's shoes for a date. Izumi was a hale, hearty and healthy young man, and he was NORMAL, thank you very much. (And sane, don't forget sane.) And any normal (and sane) young man of blossoming youth would wish for the company of a pretty young lady every now and then, right?

So, he asked his good friend for a favor, and his good friend obliged, and had done more than that. Konno had set him up with an older woman. A mature and obviously experienced woman.

And so, Izumi waited patiently at the appointed place, and thanked his lucky stars (and Konno) for the good things to come.

Then Fate intervened in the form of a beautiful young man carrying a rose who fainted right before him.

And all hell broke lose when he picked up the rose the young man left behind, and his eyes traveled from black leather shoes, up to an equally expensive pair of trousers, a crisp brand-new shirt, and finally a handsome face - a much older, but obviously handsome face.

And no, it was not love at first sight.

Takamiya Katsura

Takamiya, despite appearances, was not really a romantic at heart.

Being raised up in an affluent family, and being an only child and workaholic parents who never had time for him squashed all happy childhood memories he normally should have had. Surrounded by bootlickers, flatterers and the like all the more emphasized how lonely and cold the world really was. Affairs of the heart were ephemeral at best, usually consisting of one-night stands and relationships that only lasted for a week. (His longest was with a rising young model; they parted ways after three weeks when said model said he was leaving Takamiya for a hotshot photographer. Takamiya, according to the model, was only a translator and no help at all with his career.)

Several broken romances later, Takamiya was all too willing to throw in the towel.

But Fate intervened in the form of a telephone call from his best friend and worst enemy, Aoe Reiji, who was also the owner of a dating service called Blue Boy.

Reiji loaned him (for free and a million favors) a young man named Izumi, who was a real beauty and the number one in the club. Armed with assurances of the best night he could ever had (and with a parting shot on how to meet Izumi), Takamiya set off to meet his date, who was a young man holding a red rose.

And five seconds later, with one look at dark brown eyes, Takamiya fell in love. Truly, madly, deeply in love. At first sight.

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