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Title: Playing With Dolls
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz [Koyasu Takehito & Project WeiB and Tsuchiya Kyoko]
Pairing: Naoe Nagi x Tomoe Sakura
Rating: PG-13?
Notes: Written for the [ profile] 15minuteficlets community. The challenge is for the word submission.  

She shivered.

The window was open. At the back of her mind, a voice shouted, telling her to move...but she couldn't. All she can do was to stare as the curtains fought against the wind and eventually losing.

The door opened, and her lilac eyes glanced fearfully at the visitor.

"I've come to play." He walked over to her still body and slowly played with each dark strand of her hair. Once more, she shivered...not because of the cold...but because he touched her.

"Are you cold?" He murmured gently, sensing that she trembled. He then closed the window and drew the curtains. Leaning against the sill, he watched her with a hungry look in his eyes.

Like countless times before, they were playing a game of cat and mouse...predator and prey.

She tried to swallow her fear as she saw the way he stared at her. There was no escape with him, only an endless chase that would end with him catching her. To comfort herself, she tried to conjure up thoughts of a red-haired man with beautiful violet eyes...but to her horror, she could only see...him.

"You're so quiet. Why won't you talk to me?" He slowly went towards her, and she felt the bed shift as he sat down beside her. Light fingers caressed her pale cheek and tucked a stray strand behind her ear. She could see a faint smile on his face. "I like you. You're the prettiest doll I've ever seen in my whole life."

As he leaned his elbow against the bed, she closed her eyes wearily. Aya-san...why won't you come and take me away from this place?

Taking a lock of her hair between his fingers, he smoothed it absently as he continued. "Your hair is so soft...I like playing with it..."

She didn't listen. She didn't hear him, as she desperately tried to think of nothing else except her beloved Aya-san. Perhaps he would have heard of her disappearance. Right now he probably had leads about where he could he find her. Maybe he was a floor below her, fighting, and soon he will arrive and end this nightmare.

Thoughts of escape fled from her mind as she felt him suddenly freeze. The index finger that was now tracing circles on her collarbone stopped. "Are you thinking about him again?" Although the voice was calm, she could feel his heated rage as he looked down at her coldly.

She stared back with eyes that pleaded for him to set her free, and therefore affirmed his questions.

His intense ice blue orbs locked with her frightened plum ones. Time stood still as they communicated silently, mindless of the wind that howled outside the house.

Then, he laughed, and she longed to cover her ears at the sound. It was the sound of broken glass - a very cruel sound.

Broken glass...he was also her.

Unlike him, she couldn't do anything to pick up the pieces again. He, however, still had the strength to destroy her. He held in her hands like a caught bird, and he had the power to crush the life out of her.

His breath was warm on her skin as he leaned even closer, his forehead touching hers. "You know you can never escape from here."

"Why?" She forced herself to choke out a question while tears started to stream down her face.

Once again, he smiled with and a ferocious glint in his eye. "Because you're mine."

She shook her head in protest, but he stopped her by holding her face forcefully between his two hands. Her eyes grew wide with fear, but he only smirked at her lazily and kissed her with both brutality and indulgence.

"You're mine, little Sakura. All mine."


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