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Title: Deviance
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution [Marvel, Warner Brothers, whatever.]
Pairing: Lance Alvers x Rogue
Notes: For 
[ profile] 15minuteficlets challenge. The word is unusual.

"It's kind of strange when you think about it."

I turned to her curiously. "What's strange?"

"This." She moved her hands, fumbling for a word that would best describe whatever it is she wanted to say.


She sighed in exasperation. "Oh, you know. You. Me. And everything that's going on."

I watch her nod in reply. "You mean, our relationship."

To use her words, it is really strange when you think about it. For my part, I'm expected to be with another girl I've known before I even met her. On the other hand, everyone would expect something different from her...and not like this.

Maybe that's why we both connected. We're trapped into living a life that was intended for us, and we forget that we still have other choices. The problem is, those alternatives spell trouble for the two of us.

But to hell with those norms. To hell with all of them.

For once, I For once, I felt I have something to live for, because I have the person I love by my side.

"Aren't you worried?" Her voice broke my train of thought.

"About what?" I asked again.

"About this...about everything that's going on."

I gazed into her eyes and saw the fear of being found out.

And the reason she was scared was because of me. Guilt prevailed, and I swallowed hard, damning myself for being selfish.

Now I know why she sometimes had that uneasiness, even when we're together. Her team was like her family, and what we're doing right now is the ultimate betrayal. She was not the type of person who would want to lie even if it's her only chance of freedom.

Could it be that...I'm chaining her to me?

That realization brought a feeling of disgust in the pit of my stomach. Once again, I gazed into her soulful green eyes, and a battle of wills started inside my mind.

I love her, and I'll do anything to make her happy.

But I can't let her go.
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