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Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13
Notes: A little Night World drabble, Ash x Mary-Lynnette; Mare's POV.

Humans are vermin.

He was the most arrogant person I'd ever met in my entire life.

He walked as if he owned the world. There was always this patronizing expression in his eyes that made me want to punch him every time I looked at him.

The first time I saw him in our living room talking with Claudine, I suddenly had this feeling of antagonism towards him, as if I couldn't trust him despite his charming manners. And I was right. He couldn't be trusted, because he was a vampire.

Okay, fine. He was also the most handsome guy I'd ever seen; he was even more good-looking than Jeremy. His blond hair and cat-like eyes, his lazy but calculated movements...they all reminded me of a magnificent feline. But that doesn't give him the right to strut around, right?

And don't let get started on the way he viewed humans. He only sized them up in two terms: food and vermin.

You can't just boss me around.

Aside from being good-looking, he was also smart.

He had great foresight, and I grudgingly admitted to myself that he was not your usual "dumb blond" around.

Ash was the very definition of cunning and deviousness. Of course, he was a vampire; he needed those.

And did I mention he was arrogant?

He was so bossy! Who does he think he is, ordering me around as if I'm his personal slave? He doesn't have to make all of the decisions for me! I also have the right to think for myself! Just because he's smarter than me (which I have to admit that he is) and because I'm "vermin" doesn't mean that I can't speak my mind!

If I didn't love that idiot, I would have socked him for being so cocky.

Since when could I be tamed?

Maybe it was because he was a vampire, but he was fiercely independent.

Unlike his sisters who always stick together, Ash was someone who preferred to work alone.

He wasn't a team player. I remembered how impatient he got with his sisters when we were investigating the mystery at Briar Creek. He tried to cooperate, but it was impossible.

If he was an animal, he would be a cat. It's because cats, even if they're house pets, have this fiery independence inside them that's very hard to stamp out. No matter what, they can't be tamed.

And Ash was just like that. He loves me, but there was always this restless demon summoning him to lands far away. And so, he's off again to play the knight in shining armor again.

Like the usual, I'll be sitting here by the window - praying for his safe return and cursing myself for failing to tame the wild, magnificent feline that I love.
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