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Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz [Koyasu Takehito & Project WeiB and Tsuchiya Kyoko]
Pairing: Naoe Nagi x Tomoe Sakura
Genre: fluff, mush, sap, angst, WAFF, whatever. The usual stuff I write.
Notes: Written for hinoai for the LJ comment drabble challenge - [Weiß Kreuz] as fandom, [Nagi x Sakura] as pairing, and with the line ["You're insane, you just haven't been certified"]. This is set during the time when Sakura gets "kidnapped", and Schuldig reads her mind to find out where the Weiß guys are. (Well, at least that's what I remember from watching that episode.) I always get "Untitled" for fic titles. 

She sat there, shivering in fright after the mind scan Schuldig did on her.

I hid back a grin at the thought of getting even. Now that we have the location of their hideout, we could get Abyssinian's comatose sister and finish those disgusting kittens off.

My attention then went back to the silly little girl in front of me. Her eyes were glassy and I could her faintly murmuring to herself.

I couldn't stand her. I can't stand girls, especially someone like her. I felt an intense loathing for this little idiot named Tomoe Sakura.

"You don't have the right to hurt Aya-san or anyone else! You're the most evil of all! You're crazy---"

I hate self-righteous people, so I blocked out the rest by interrupting her.

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?"

She winced. "Why?"

"You're insane, you just haven't been certified." I retorted with a smirk, seeing anger flash in her eyes. "What kind of a girl are you? Wasting your time on a certain redheaded idiot who doesn't even see you...that's the craziest thing I've ever heard." She placed her hands over her ears as I continued to insult her. "You're nothing! You're only a substitute for his sister, and you still claim to love him? You're nothing but a replacement for someone who can never be replaced---"

A resounding slap met my cheek, making me step back in surprise.

I regarded her coldly with narrowed eyes. "Do that again, and you'll regret---" As she moved to slap me again, I grabbed her wrist, roughly pulling her closer to me.

Instead of the crybaby I was accustomed to, this one was defiant.

Time stopped as I continued to hold her in such a close fashion. I glared at her intensely and she stared back unwaveringly.

Her forehead barely touched mine, but I could still feel the soft strands of her hair. The scent of lavender invaded my nostrils.

I want to kiss her.

As we continued to gaze at each other, I saw myself reflected in those oddly pink orbs.

Innocent and frightened.

I suddenly releasing her, making her fall on the floor. I walked away and slammed the door shut behind me. Outside, I heaved a sigh. I felt an familiar yet alien emotion that left me confused, dismal, and...


And it was all her fault.

I hate her.
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